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Alternative Law Blog: Mediators are problem solvers that produce resolution, rewards, and, above all measurable results.

Alternative Law Mediation Results

Mediation requires focused efforts to resolve effectively the difficult challenges that we all face. Alternative Law mediators produce positive mediation results approximately 90% of the time. When you have reached a difficult conflict in your business, at your job or in your life, at your job,  Alternative Law mediation program helps you become singularly focused on the nature the conflict itself. There are no easy , simple or one size fits all solutions. We develop and  coordinate a very realistic plan and to clarify your goals and clear alternatives for a fair legal resolution. The facts of your case and the way that they are interpreted and presented, combined with your effort and energy are very powerful forces. They can either be used proactively or destructively to revive or destroy you or your company. We analyze the historical trends, the present interactions and realistic future alternatives provide an essential assessment of your situation and a step-by-step plan for a positive final resolution and results.

Often, the best  opportunities for movement  and resolution present themselves when conflicts have escalated the most. When these conflicts are  the most painful and at their peak, the need for change is most critical. Proper, well thought-out responses and well-directed strategic actions are   most important at this juncture. It is up to you and us together, as a part of the mediation  process, to be alert and recognize those very challenging opportunities. It is often said that crisis and opportunity can be inherently intertwined. This is the time to make things work for you.

In difficult mediations, everyone walks a fine line to create a fair and just resolution. When you do, you can celebrate. When you don't, you must demand change. You must draw upon all of the resources and perspectives  of your resolution and mediation team to develop quickly better alternatives and solutions. We at Alternative Law Mediation are fact-based realists, resolving issues using the Best Ideas Win, multi-disciplinary approach. Knowledge, creativity, education, experience  and determination are critical skills in the mediation process that produce comprehensive, lasting settlements.

We all know that mediation does not work in every case, but, usually, it is effective. Nothing that is of quality in life comes easily, not even mediation results. Alternative Law achieves results even in the most difficult cases. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.


Business Mediation: Is There a Place For Verbal Business Agreements?

Partnership mediation

Business ventures are budding relationships. Exciting at the start, even more exciting when rewarding, and turn sour very quickly when they incur losses. Over 50% of small business partners report that at least some part of their partnership agreement is verbal. We can explain this report in various ways: a) either they do not have a business partnership agreement in place at all or b) it is incomplete and they shook hands about several other aspects of their partnership. In the legal realm, and the government as well, it is an oft-debated topic whether verbal agreements should even be allowed to stand. However, as of today, most states permit the verbal partnership. This is where mediation can step in.

Why Mediation is Well-Suited to Resolve Family Feuds

In the family mediation line of work, there are ups and downs and a great diversity of opinions. When we are able to resolve complex disputes and see both parties leave with a smile, there is no feeling better than that. This is especially true in family feuds. Knowing that our work can help a family stay together or  siblings clear the hurdles for a better relationship in the future is very  challenging for our family mediators yet very exhilerating and rewarding.

Is President Obama a good Mediator?

President Obama’s rise up the Congressional ladder and, ultimately, winning the presidential race, was closely followed by thousands of political analysts and people all over the world. You might remember how he was hardly even mentioned among the top presidential candidates early on in 2006 and early 2007. Eventually, when the democratic candidate race was hot between Candidate Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton, his ratings were less than 30% at one point and then steadily grew with each public debate and public speech.

Legal Mediation: TOP 10 Reasons to mediate before a Court Battle .

Everyone would love to live in a world of peace. Well, almost. But you and I know that it’s not going to happen. Until the time that human beings are the wired the way they are today, they are going to find some reason in some part of the world, to go to war about something or the other. As much as we hate it, the world is full of issues that elicit contradictory viewpoints, conflicting opinions, and, well, disputes. In a way, diversity in thought and viewpoints makes the world a harder pace but also better place too. As mediators, we are trained to appreciate this more than just about anyone else. Our job is to listen, understand, educate, develop, and eventually, to empower people to resolve conflicts, solve problems, come to a consensus and to let the best ideas win.

Family Mediation Resolves Family Feuds and Inheritances Battles

In this line or work, there are ups and downs. When we are able to resolve complex disputes and see parties leave better off than when they arrived, many times with a smile or strong sense  of relief, there is no feeling better than that. This is especially true in family feuds. Knowing that our work helps a family function better together is very rewarding. We work with the siblings, parents, children, and elderly. We help them clear the hurdles of relationship problems and just make communication more civil for a better relationship in the future.

Mediators Enable Individuals To Become Problem Solvers too.

Mediation is an often an art as much as a science. No two mediators are the same, just as no two people are. Mediators come from different backgrounds, different geographies, different educational backgrounds, different ethnic influences and so on. And all that makes a big difference in their approach to mediation. Some are direct and more “solution developers,” while others are more listeners, are laid back and “solution enablers.” Some have the ability to be both, usually the more experienced mediators, depending on the situation or the type of dispute. Usually like any profession, the best ones have been specifically trained in educated in the field of mediation or alternative law.

Divorce Mediation Can Help You Find Peace.

If you are going through a divorce, or seriously considering one, then you need the best people on your side. By best, I don’t mean the ones that will FIGHT it out on your behalf. You need people that are understanding of your specific situation. They must take step by step measures and develop specific plans for you that result in your peace of mind – soon. You might be talking to an attorney already and it’s the first step that many take. However, there are few things you should keep in mind even before picking an attorney.

Divorce Mediation: Simple Step Process for a Less Stressful Divorce

Divorce is stressful; there is almost no way around that. But in some extreme cases, it gets so stressful that incidents of long-term trauma, irreparable relationships, family turmoil or even hospitalization, long-term depression, substance abuse, etc. are not uncommon. When such as serious incident arises, you would hope that there are resources available to make the process easier. Unfortunately, most couples think the only step after the first decision for divorce is to call an attorney and get a court date. That is the farthest thing from the truth. Even when you have made up your mind to separate, there are ways to make the process smoother a, less destructive and even meaningful so it feels like the right thing to do and not an unpleasant shock that many divorces end up as. Even a good divorce attorney usually tries to get other kinds of help before resorting to the often times arbitrary decisions of a court.