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Family Business Mediation Services

Family business mediators

Family businesses combine some of the most fascinating, rewarding, and yet difficult experiences of our lives.

The creating of a business, the entrepreneurial vision, the building and  development, the management and the transferring of a business, all require a different set of skills.

Alternative Law's family business mediation complements these skills by providing a systematic strategic plan to address the needs of the business and resolve internal family conflicts to advance  the future of the family and the company.

In many business, many people are required to perform more than one function. In family businesses, the close nature of the job, the multiple responsibilities, and personal relationships are so intertwined that it is very difficult to find a balance. Perspectives among family members are affected by many more factors than in an outside company. Our parent and sibling relationships, environment, job responsibilities, the presence of outside professionals either working or running aspects of the business, and our own unique and shared experiences, sometimes even birth order, are particularly unique to a family business.

Alternative Law mediators are required to have owned their own business, either as a start-up venture or belonging to an ongoing family business or enterprise themselves. Our family business mediators are not just professional problem solvers. They must have shared many of the same experiences of what it takes to build a business, run a business, and resolve all of the personal and professional disputes that arise within a family business.

At ALTERNATIVE LAW, we recognize that family businesses are one of the more complex relationship experiences that a family can ever encounter. We help families in business communicate and resolve their issues in a systematic manner and create a comprehensive long-term plan for such issues as transference of stock, management, asset division, succession, competition, and compensation. We utilize mediation to help family and related members actively to determine their priorities and to act on them in a professional manner, producing effective resolutions. Even in the most difficult of cases, when there are no previous agreements or conflicts, or in cases where concerns have existed for many years, mediation can be an effective solution to family business problems.


  • Strategic Integration
  • Family Conflict Resolution
  • Generation To Generation Transfers
  • Family Businesses Management Plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Governance & Family Councils
  • Boards of Directors organization
  • Selective Seminars and Training
  • Cost and benefit analysis  programs
  • Estate Planning & Wealth Management
  • How to deal with competing interests and power struggles
  • Resolution with Best Ideas Win techniques
  • Teamwork and Relationship resolution
  • Buyout Packages  and  Pension Plans
  • Transitional stages  for owners
  • Financing  &  Reorganization
  • Foundations/Legacy/Inheritance
  • Stockholder Protection and Divisions
  • Partners and Owners and Family Members
  • Family Business Owners and Stockholders
  • Senior Management Teams Development
  • Business Sale in Full or in Part
  • Business Dissolution & Corporate Restructuring
  • Asset Evaluation 
  • Generational plans for Children and Parents 
  • Guaranteed Service Program

If you are involved in a family business and a difficult dispute has arisen, please consider our family business mediation services as the most cost-effective and comprehensive method to provide a complete and specifically tailored resolution for all of your concerns. For more information, please call Toll Free: