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Minnesota Governor Requests Mediator Help For Federal Debt Ceiling And Budget Crisis

The Congress usually does not hire mediators to settle budget of other parliamentary disputes. The process usually involves direct debate between Congressmen and Senators on the floor, with the Speaker taking on the role of a facilitator. Mediation is usually not part of this process. However, given the length  of the current stalemate and the [...]

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You Are Here: Home » Blog » Family Business Dispute Mediation – Path to Family Harmony and Business Success Family Business Dispute Mediation – Path To Family Harmony And Business Success

Family businesses are incredibly sensitive. Like they say, never mix business and pleasure. Well, that’s exactly what family businesses are all about. Members of the family wear different hats at different times. During the day, the parent, son, husband, sibling or wife, might become the boss and in the evening, the roles might reverse for [...]

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Mediation Results Means Focused Energy For Resolution

Alternative Law Mediation Results settlement processes are  very engaging and challenging experiences that produce resolution, rewards, and above all results. We believe that in successful mediations  the more disciplined and  creative that you are in designing practical realistic options for settlement, the more productive  that you will be. When you have reached that nadir, the most [...]

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Mediation Mitigates Landlord – Tenant Disputes From The Housing Crisis

The recent housing crisis has not been easy on home-owners. Many home-owners have been forced to foreclose, ending up nearly bankrupt and taking down large banks with them in the process. Bank of America, Wachovia and US Bank Corp are all large corporations that lost billions in the mortgage crisis. But a less-discussed off-shoot of [...]

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Sexual Harassment Mediation: Does Mediation Fit The Bill?

Sexual discrimination cases are by far, the most prominent employment-related issues that make it to court, that could be most effectively resolved by employment mediation. In particular, sexual harassment enjoys a fair bit of publicity and  limelight,  due to the fact that many of these cases become news stories that excite the general media. Let’s [...]

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What Do Mediators Look For In Sexual Harassment Cases?

Sexual harassment is one of the most common forms of employment disputes and has grown in numbers and in media attention that it receives over the past few years. The growing awareness into this area, however, unlike other crimes, has not prevented it from remaining among the top source of distress and dispute at the [...]

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Divorce Mediation: Simple Step Process For A Less Stressful Divorce

Divorce is stressful; there is almost no way around that. But in some extreme cases, it gets so stressful that incidents of long-term trauma, irreparable relationships, family turmoil or even hospitalization, long-term depression, substance abuse, etc. are not uncommon. When such as serious incident arises, you would hope that there are resources available to make [...]

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Divorce Mediation Can Help You Find Peace.

If you are going through a divorce, or seriously considering one, then you need the best people on your side. By best, I don’t mean the ones that will FIGHT it out on your behalf. You need people that are understanding of your specific situation. They must take step by step measures and develop specific [...]

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Mediators Enable Individuals To Become Problem Solvers Too.

Mediation is an often an art as much as a science. No two mediators are the same, just as no two people are. Mediators come from different backgrounds, different geographies, different educational backgrounds, different ethnic influences and so on. And all that makes a big difference in their approach to mediation. Some are direct problem [...]

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Is President Obama A Good Mediator?

President Obama’s rise up the Congressional ladder and, ultimately, winning the presidential race, was closely followed by thousands of political analysts and people all over the world. You might remember how he was hardly even mentioned among the top presidential candidates early on in 2006 and early 2007. Eventually, when the democratic candidate race was [...]

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Mediation Definition and Mediation Techniques

Mediation is the process whereby two or more parties engaged in a dispute, decide, usually voluntarily, to  utilize the services of a neutral third party to help them settle their personal. professional or legal differences to try to reach a fair and just resolution. Best Ideas Win Mediation: Over the last 20 years, this process has [...]

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Business Mediation: Is There A Place For Verbal Business Agreements?

Commercial mediation helps manage the difficult communication issues that normally develop when business ventures are formed. A new business venture is in fact a new type relationship. Exciting at the start, even more exciting when rewarding, and can turn sour very quickly when they incur losses. Over 50% of small business partners report that at [...]

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Alternative Law Blog: Mediators Are Problem Solvers That Produce Resolution, Rewards, And, Above All Measurable Results.

Alternative Law's mediation solution process is a very engaging and challenging experience that produces resolution, rewards, and above all, measurable results. We believe that, in mediation, the more experienced, disciplined, and creative that you are, the more successful that you will be. The more comprehensive alternatives that you develop, the better your final resolution plan will [...]

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