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ArbitrationWhen mediation is not appropriate, arbitration is an excellent method to keep your case out of the clogged court system. Arbitration is a process whereby a neutral party, sometimes referred to as an arbitrator, arbiter, or private judge, is responsible for deciding the outcome of a legal case, outside the costs and confines of a courtroom.

Because arbitration is a much quicker and less expensive process that normal litigation, it is one of the fastest growing areas of dispute resolution. It can be utilized in all types of legal cases such as commercial, employment, housing, discrimination, and family disputes.


At ALTERNATIVE LAW we also provide the option of mediation-arbitration, which is a process that combines mediation and arbitration. The parties first go to mediation with a mediator of their choice. The mediation process proceeds as it would normally.

If for some reason, mediation does not produce a complete settlement, then arbitration is the next step in this dispute resolution process. The same mediator who by now is very familiar with both parties interests and positions, will decide the case on its legal merits.

Some clients feel that this process effectively serves a two fold purpose and provides them with two bites of the apple. ALTERNATIVE LAW hybrid med/arb provides the options, but the choice is yours. You can select standard mediation, standard arbitration, or try mediation first and the select arbitration with the mediator who would already be familiar with your case, med-arb or simply select another arbitrator if you so chose.

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