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Family Business Mediation

Alternative Law’s success rate for family business mediation averages about 96%, compared to the industry’s mediation success rate of about 68%. We stand behind our work with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Choosing a family business mediation firm is a very important decision. It will have an impact on the way you and your family solve your problems and move forward with your succession planning, finances, family and business. Alternative Law’s Mediation will save you time and money, costing about 50% less than ongoing destructive simmering family feuds or  the dramatic courtroom battles where no one truly wins, except the legal system.

As you go through the process, ask other companies if they have such a solid guarantee, review Alternative Law’s simple mediation checklist at the end of this article, and explore the rest of what makes our ‘best ideas win’ mediation programs produce real results for both you and your family-guaranteed.

Alternative Law’s mediators design family case-specific solutions that make the most practical and economic sense for your individual, family, and business needs.

The realities of conflict resolution and the legal system are getting harder every day. The personal and professional destruction, time, significant expense, and emotional toll it takes on you, a business family, is an exhausting fact of life. It can also negatively affect many of your personal and professional relationships. There is always significant collateral damage to your family, partner, friends, co-workers, finances, and business.

The conventional approach is to fight it out, do nothing or  go to court and sue. Although that idea is changing, this old-fashioned approach still very common—and yet the most costly way to solve personal, professional and family disputes. It is unproductive, and most importantly, unnecessary.

Alternative Law’s mediation program makes the legal system work to truly improve your life, your family,and your business. While some rare cases need to go to court, in today’s world the majority of cases fit the option of resolution by our mediation programs. Less than 10% of all cases go to trial, but only after substantial costs, spent by all sides. The damage has been done,relationships ruined,  resources expended, and the money from all parties is lost. Early mediation saves time and money. The earlier, the better. Or in the alternative, you can always use our programs any time and the sooner the better, in your conflict. If it develops into a legal process, right up until a judge or a jury decides on its own what’s good and what’s right for you. In mediation you get to decide what you think are the best ideas about your situation—you have an impact—and direct input on how to resolve it.

Mediation matters for the families and individuals involved on a very personal and professional level. It matters to you and it matters to us.

You have a clear and effective alternative to the court system to quickly resolve your case. Alternative Law is insured. We are also approved and used by the federal government. Our mediation services have time-tested and proven techniques. Our mediation practices are defined by our structured programs which are much less time consuming, less expensive, and less destructive than constantly fighting it  out behind the scenes or by ongoing to court. Utilizing our programs and solution systems, we can help you resolve your conflict in the most timely, comprehensive, and professional manner, guaranteed.

While our results-oriented programs—where you are a part of deciding the outcome—work almost all of the time, mediation means you have the additional protection of going to hire lawyers and go to court if you are unhappy with the outcome. When your case is settled like most are through Alternative Law’s programs, you advance  with an clear operational family business working program and a written, binding, ongoing, and enforceable agreement.

Alternative Law’s mediation services have been specifically designed to give you the family business, quality choices about how to direct or redirect your family business and truly resolve your conflicts. Using the ‘best ideas win’ method, we help develop the best options to achieve real and tangible  results. You can benefit from the same problem-solving approaches, settlement techniques, and protections that we provide to any of our corporate and government clients.

The first step is that both sides have to agree to attend just one initial mediation session in person, without any obligation. After that is agreed, there may be more group or private, one-on-one sessions or telephone conferences with the mediator. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you have no further obligation. Because each case is unique, there are no guarantees of settlement. Alternative Law does settle most of its cases and provides the industry-leading money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with all of the services that we perform, then you are entitled to your money back.

Our mediation services can be utilized in all types of civil cases. Alternative Law’s mediation program is the civil business and personal solution that works with you and for you. The choices and consequences are yours. Our goal is to work with you, create and develop sound alternatives and let the best ideas win.


Education and Training : Does your mediator have a mediation degree? Or just trainings and another professional degree instead?

Experience : How long have they been mediating? Is it their part-time or full-time occupation?

Certifications : Are they government-approved?

References : Who is on their reference list?

Guarantee : Do they offer a money-back guarantee? If not, why not?

Commitment : Have you interacted with and are you compatible with the mediator?

There is no obligation; if you are interested in learning more about our services, fill out the simple form to the right.

Mediation matters for the individuals involved on a very personal and professional level. It matters to you, and it matters to us and it is guaranteed.

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