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To assist in the resolution of monetary and business disputes between investors and securities firms, ALTERNATIVE LAW operates a securities dispute resolution forum including both arbitration and mediation programs. We highly recommend that before you initiate an arbitration or court litigation, consider mediation as the most natural first step in dispute resolution. If the case can not be resolved in mediation you can always proceed to arbitration.

Mediation is an informal, voluntary process in which the mediator facilitates negotiations between disputing parties, helping them to find their own mutually acceptable resolution. What distinguishes mediation from other forms of dispute resolution is that the mediator does not impose the solution, but rather, helps make it possible for the parties to craft and accept the solution themselves. Mediation provides public customers, member firms of various securities organizations, independent small and large investment firms and associated persons with an effective way to resolve their disputes. Accomplishing this goal requires a highly qualified national roster of securities mediators. ALTERNATIVE LAW carefully identify candidates and selects its mediators from a cross-section of highly qualified individuals, diverse in culture, profession, and background.

If your mediation is unsuccessful or if for some reason you chose not to participate in this process you can always select arbitration for your securities claim.
Arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism to help determine if aggrieved parties are entitled to recover damages. In arbitration, an impartial person or panel hears all sides of the issues as presented by the parties, studies the evidence, and then decides how the matter should be resolved. Arbitration is final and binding, subject to review by a court only on a very limited basis. Both mediation and arbitration benefit parties by providing prompt, inexpensive alternatives to litigation in the courts. Parties can select arbitrators and mediators who have been chosen from a broad cross-section of people, diverse in culture, profession, and background.

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