Frank Fallon, mediator, Alternative Law

Attorney David Webbert

I wholeheartedly recommend Alternative Law and mediator Frank Fallon as the best providers of mediation and alternative dispute resolutions services.

My law firm and I have been using their services for almost ten years and we cannot overstate how impressed we have been with the level of expertise and commitment they have demonstrated over and over again in reaching win/win resolutions of difficult disputes. I give this high praise from the perspective of being a mediator myself and representing both plaintiffs and defendants in complex and challenging matters that have been successfully mediated because of the uniquely outstanding services of Mr. Fallon and Alternative Law.

Frank and Alternative Law bring an amazing energy and creative spark to their mediation services. For example, one difficult mediation ended with a genuine and heartfelt expression of condolence that was transformative for both sides. Frank has an extraordinary way of finding common ground that brings out the best in all the parties.

In many cases, their best ideas win philosophy has the positive effect of moving both sides to focus on the potential benefits of a settlement rather than the past negatives hanging over the dispute. The fresh and humanizing best ideas win approach has consistently helped both parties move away from the goals of settling old scores and revenge and instead focusing on ways to reach a constructive and mutually beneficial resolution.

Frank and Alternative Law are also unique in guaranteeing satisfaction with their services or your money back. They can afford to do this because their services are so exemplary that none of my clients has ever suggested any inclination to request such a refund. The amazing work ethic underlying their mediation services has won the gratitude of my clients time and again.

Similarly, they are more creative than any other mediators I have ever used. Mediator Frank  Fallon has a genius-level social IQ that enables him consistently to connect with both sides in a dispute, including management officials with large and small businesses and high, low and middle income clients and their families.

In summary, Frank and Alternative Law offer the best mediation services on the market.


David G. Webbert

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