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About Us Alternative Law mediatorsIn order for Alternative Law mediators to completely achieve their goals, there must be an excellent process and procedure, willing participants, and expert mediators who stand behind and guarantee their work.

Many of our Alternative Law mediators have been mediating, training, and negotiating for over 25 years. We also specialize in providing mediators from different generations, ethnicities, industries and communities to help effectively bridge generational and cultural differences. In addition, when our mediators are not engaged as neutrals, they serve as a mediation consultants in complex disputes to negotiate the fairest settlements in the most timely manner.

Our mediators have been trained by Bar Association approved institutions such as Cornell University, Harvard Law School, the Council of Family Mediators, Mass. Dispute Resolution Program; also, United States Government Agencies such as The Department of Justice, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other agencies. In addition, all mediators are required to attend training courses and continuing legal, mediation educational programs each year and are certified to be covered under our 100% Money Back Guarantee Program.


About Alternative law

As part of its series of recognizing outstanding mediators from all over the world, Roger Fisher as a teacher and founder of mediation in America is hereby honored as  an original  Master Of Mediation.

Roger  specialized in mediation, negotiation and conflict management, educated us all on resolution principles. He was the co-author (with William Ury) “Getting to YES,” the classic book on “interest-based” negotiation, as well as numerous other publications. After finishing his law degree at Harvard, arguing several cases before US Supreme Court. He worked on both national and international disputes, well recognized all over the world. He later returned to Harvard Law School.

After seeing so many costly and frustrating disputes as a litigator, Fisher help develop  the art and science of how we manage our conflicts as humans and as professionals . Fisher was one of the founders and led the Harvard Negotiation Project and began interviewing professional  negotiators in order to understand their  successful techniques.

Like Alternative Law mediators, Roger believed in putting theories into practice. Assisting individuals and companies with actual  disputes was critical to developing useful problem resolution tools. This tradition at the Harvard Negotiation Project produced a local, national and world wide community of well trained consensus and collaborative thinkers including those of us at Alternative Law. We all will be forever in his debt.

Alternative law


This month our featured lead national mediator is Frank Fallon, student of Roger Fisher’s collaborative methods and co-founder of “The BEST IDEAS WIN” mediation approach to settle difficult business, organizational, family, and interpersonal conflicts. He has lectured extensively on “The Courage To Constructively Communicate.” He is a teacher and proponent of it often takes a team and training to triumph and determine your best resolutions and prevent future conflicts.

As mediator, negotiator, arbitrator, and private judge Mr. Fallon’s methods focus on multi disciplinary approaches to alternative dispute resolution which directly promote both balanced settlement results and consistent client satisfaction. In order to negotiate fair and lasting decisions and settlements, Frank combines case specifics and situational realities with detailed neutral analysis of interactive business theories, legal studies and best practices.

Utilizing creative multi party, individual techniques and consensus building, he resolves difficult professional and personal conflicts involving both small and large companies, nonprofit organizations, individuals, family businesses and government agencies. Frank personally developed the innovative, interactive award winning ‘best ideas win’ settlement, mediation, and negotiation programs to resolve the most demanding disputes. He also has the exceptional results to re-mediate and settle most cases that have reached an impasse with other processes.

Mr. Fallon has served as a mediator, negotiator, consensus builder, arbitrator in complex legal transactions in areas such as contracts, employment, family businesses, organizational structure, management, family and divorce, health care, insurance, personal injury, general liability, construction and architecture, partnerships and business dissolution, estates and asset division, commerce, asset management and acquisition, real estate, development, land use, finance, securities, technology, the IRS and taxes.

As a result of the exceptional success of this plaintiff/defense neutrals’ program designed for working with difficult cases and sensitive clients, he has won the national ADR competition to settle various internal government disputes, including the EEOC, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in addition to his previous for settlements of government, public and corporate disputes. His settlement and client satisfaction rate is unsurpassed.

For example, he is the only mediator to ever settle 100% of the EEOC Resolve disputes is a single year. He received an outstanding rating from 100% of his defense, plaintiff, government counsel and their corporate, family and individual clients.

As principal mediator and arbitrator, and strategic planner, Mr. Fallon’s expertise and passion includes business development, entrepreneurship, startups, and technology. Frank’s expertise also includes construction, land, and architectural disputes from having worked directly with architects and owned a construction company. Labor, management, union issues, age, race, sex, gender, harassment, and disability discrimination termination, disparate impact, undue hardship, civil rights, class actions, and related professional and personal controversies are additional areas where he has received special recognition from the government. He develops thorough, long lasting plans and has one of the highest settlement and satisfaction rates for the U. S. government and has served on various panels.

Mediator Frank Fallon has personally mediated and provided strategic planning services for many of the large and small companies, family businesses, defense, and plaintiff references on our satisfied client list.

Mr. Fallon travels throughout the United States. His strategic plans and ADR processes can be implemented and performed at various locations, in our offices and on site at your business with no travel time charges. For any more more information, scroll to the bottom of this page, email or just call 1.800.529.1516.


EDUCATION & TRAINING ( partial listing)

Harvard, MIT, Tufts’ Consortium, Mediation Pedagogy Programs

Harvard Law School, PIL Negotiation Program: Roger Fisher

Harvard Law School, PIL Mediation Program: Frank Sander

Cornell University, U.S. Government Mediation, Trainer: Michael Bertty

University of Massachusetts at Boston, Degree in Mediation

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC: Mediator & Faculty

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Construction Building and Trades Program

Construction Methods & Solutions, Chuck DeMarco, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Arbitration Studies and Analysis: Richard Boutewell,

United States Department of Justice, Mediator ADR Panelist,

Divorce Mediation: Diane Neumann, John Fiske, Phillip Woodbury

Ethics in Mediation and ADR, Brad Honoroff

Mediation Works Inc.: with C.Doran, Real Estate Mediation Program

Cross Cultural Conflicts, with David Matz

Cambridge Dispute Settlement Center: Mediation Training, Gail Packer

Advanced Training CDSC: Transformative Mediation, Melissa Broderick

Negotiation: David Matz, Instructor,

Dispute Resolution: Jeanne Clear

Best Ideas Win, Theory and Practice Lecture Series, Program Creator and Lead Instructor

Organizational Conflicts Theory and Resolution, PIP, Professional Improvement Program, Program Designer

Family Business Strategies and Solutions, Program Creator

Family Business Matters, Lecture Series

Construction Builds Resolutions, We are all builders, Practice Program

How to Construct a Foundation For Resolution, Lecturer

Sometimes It is Just About the Money, Lecturer

Consensus Building For Fair and Just Resolutions Theory and Practice, Lecturer

Mediation Justice, Practical Applications for a Neutral, Lecture Series

ACR Conferences: Association for Conflict Resolution,topical Conferences on variety of dispute resolution subject matter

American Bar Association ADR: Training sessions and ADR conferences

All other respective biographical information about other mediators available immediately upon email request, filling out the simple form below.If it is more convenient for you, you can use this link: As a critical component our subject mater expertise, quality control processes and satisfaction guarantee, we try to fit our mediators to their assignments and that is a very important aspect of our practice. The specific selection process is vital to our assurances of mediation results. In addition due to privacy concerns, certain security clearances, identity theft, internet phishing and piracy issues and for the protection of our ADR professionals and their corporate clients, this information is not available presently for download , but will be emailed to perspective clients with legitimate email addresses.


International Association for Conflict Resolution

Mass. Association for Programs and Practitioners

United States Department Of Justice

ABA Member & ADA Panel


United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Panel and Faculty

New England Association for Conflict Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution Panel

Senior Mediator Panel

United States Federal Executive Mediation Board Panel

Certified by Massachusetts Counsel of Family Mediators

University Of Massachusetts Dispute Resolution
Masters Program

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