Tax Mediation

“Death and Taxes,” as that infamous saying goes, are the only two things in life that are certain.

We would add conflicts to those categories.

Mediation will help you to address and resolve disputes more effectively in these areas. Proper planning and prevention resolve many tax issues before they happen. Our mediators have the training, experience, and education to resolve the complicated issues surrounding tax conflicts and disputes.

Alternative Law’s mediation services require that our mediators are trained in process, procedures, substantive, and statutory areas in order to insure a broad-based level of experience and expertise. In such complex areas, we also utilize our team mediation concept. We have CPA’s, tax lawyers, negotiators, and advisors to coordinate a multi-pronged approach to the resolution of your serious tax concerns.

Tax Mediation Types

  • Tax Strategies
  • Negotiation Plans
  • Mediation Tax Resolution System
  • Income Taxes
  • State Taxes
  • Estate Taxes
  • IRS Disputes
  • Inheritance Taxes
  • Property Assessments, Abatements and Taxes
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Corporate and Asset Evaluation

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