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Adult Mediation for Families

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Adult mediation
Adult mediation involves a resolution of conflict among any combination of family members. This conflict may occur as a part of the normal aging and maturation process. Under our adult mediation program, you will be assigned a mediator knowledgeable and trained in adult relationships, elder care, sibling rivalries, friendships, and interpersonal family dynamics.

Our mediators will facilitate the development of a sound, working family plan for communication and decision-making. As the generations grow, develop, and change, different sets of problems emerge.

There are many family situations that require the use of a skilled adult mediator such as health care for an older person, proxies, executorships, transferring assets or property, development of a fair estate plan, or the sale of a family business.

Caregiver mediation may involve the child of an aging parent needing support in decision-making, with their parent and other family members in mind.

Different sets of conflicts emerge over the generations and the decades. As adults, we need real resolutions—peace and stability for ourselves and our families.

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