Frankly speaking, successful mediation business practices are about how well we perform, deliver, and produce results for you, our clients.

Alternative Law Mediation Results is specifically targeted to resolving your conflicts and addressing your strategic plans resolving your conflicts in a cost-effective and timely manner.

If you are involved in a legal, business, succession plan, or personal conflict, it is our sole function to develop and to implement the best ideas to settle the matter quickly and effectively.

We put our word and our guarantee on the line each and every day. We know you do every day too. What other full-service mediation and strategic planning firm  does?

The question above is one of the key questions that you should ask yourself when hiring a professional firm to serve as a strategic planner, mediator,  coordinator, or problem-solver. It is an industry fact that many if not all mediation  firms put your money on the line, but they are afraid to stand behind their own work.

Our money-back guarantee is another distinguishing charateristic that separates us from almost every other firm in America.

Alternative Law Mediation Results has a very high success and resolution rate. If for some reason, our  services do not work for you, your company, or your law firm, you have the option  to receive your money back.

Although strategic planning and  mediation have existed for decades, they are  still a process that may be new for some individuals and some companies. As a result, other firms often risk going to court with all its pitfalls: the unknowns and the costs of the process. Some firms give brief mention to client satisfaction, but we guarantee that we will deliver results.

30+ Years In Business

For more than 30 years, our mediation systems have been challenged, time-tested, and true. They work. We know that no one can guarantee complete settlement every single time. However, Alternative Law can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services or your money back. As a result of our consistent high quality services, we are the industry leader and are able to provide a full-service client-driven customer satisfaction policy.

If we have not delivered the services that we have promised or you are not satisfied after attending 1-3 sessions, or up to 8 hours in total, either or the phone or in person, you are entitled to stop our services and receive receive your money back in full. Simply notify us in writing,after  any session up to the third communication and there will be no further obligation. If you have not withdrawn or notified us after the third session, it is agreed that you are now satisfied with our services.

We are highly-trained professional  mediators, business planners, and problem-solvers.  We mediate because Alternative Law Mediation Results works. All our mediators have been trained at approved training centers such as our local courts, universities as Cornell University, Harvard Law School, and University of Massachusetts, or by government entities including  the United States EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Justice . Before you hire another strategic or mediation firm, ask them how their mediation services operate. Are they willing to offer you a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied?

We offer a range of professional  services such as strategic planning, mediation, negotiation, facilitation, evaluation, and arbitration to settle even the most difficult cases. We also provide strategic planning for negotiations, pre-mediations, trainings, and dispute prevention systems designed to prevent or reduce the incidence of such conflicts from arising in the future. Our services provide the most efficient, cost-effective approach to settlement and resolution. We guarantee it.

Many people and companies have never tried mediation before. For this reason, if you send an email online requesting mediation, or call 1.800.529.1516, you will be entitled to 1 free introductory mediation session, either in person or on the phone, so that we may explain this process to the parties to plan for   a successful resolution.

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