Partnership mediation

Partnership Mediation

partnership mediation

When a business partnership is experiencing serious conflict it is a very personal and painful experience for everyone involved. From the partners, to the employees, to the vendors, clients, and even family members notice the strain and drain on the companies productivity and financial and personal resources.

Partnerships are some of the most closely held companies in America. By their very nature ideas, emotions and feelings are strongly held and intensely felt. The running of the business has a direct financial and personal impact on the lives of partners. Alternative Law’s Partnership mediation consists of a  system designed into 3 basic components. The first step is the historical basis for the conflict, which leads to a very detailed issue identification. As this part of the process, all the real, and even perceived or misperceived issues are thoroughly explored to separate truth from fiction, feelings from reality, the past from the present and the future.

Alternative Law’s resolution system is about today and the future. What do we do now, and how do we get there.

In both group and in private sessions, all parties receive ample opportunity to express in detail their concerns, problems, and identify potential roadblocks. Their ideas and perceptions are discussed, challenged, and debated in order to develop and determine the best ideas The second phases is the development of realistic alternatives for problem resolution. During this phase we will analyze and provide a cost- benefit analysis, determine the basis for various approaches, and proceed first to clearly separate and identify the issues. In a very systematic, step by step system, we will enter the last phase, where either as a group or independently we will develop very practical solutions to both the stated concerns and the real underlying issues. Most matters can settle without the costs of litigation.

Partnership Mediation can resolve issues before they become legal problems

The impact of strife and disagreement can reverberate throughout the entire business. Partnership mediation provides for a smoother transition in advance. It is a better way to resolve conflicts, enhance the workings of your existing business, restore working relationships, and reduce personality conflicts. If there are no other options left, we can provide a clear path for alternative actions or even dissolution if necessary, without having to enter litigation process.

Our practical hands-on experience and mediation processes in these very specific area of conflict resolution help address and resolve all of the inevitable complications that emerge when a closely held business encounters serious difficulties.

Alternative Law’s mediation programs have over a 90% success rate. We utilize our best ideas win mediation program that has been nationally recognized by the United Sates Government, partnerships, and large and small companies alike, to produce excellent cost effective results and greatly increase the odds of a successful settlement.

This fact is good business for everyone. The business of resolving difficult disputes is getting more complicated every day. The toll, time, and expense it takes on lawyers, judges and most importantly, you, the potential litigants, when your business is involved in serious conflict or worse litigation, is an exhausting fact of life.

Mediation is a civil business solution that makes the legal system work with you and for you to achieve results in a prompt and timely manner.
The first consultation is free. There is absolutely no obligation or risk. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please give us a call at our toll free number: 1.800.LAW.1516 or 1.800.529.1516 or email us at [email protected].

Some Areas Of Partnership Mediation:

  • Partnership structures redefined
  • Strategic workout plans
  • Conflict resolution systems
  • Resolution of personality conflicts
  • Complementary skill training
  • Business valuations
  • Asset values
  • Transition to corporate structure, LLP’s and other entities
  • Pension plans
  • Buyout packages
  • Partnership protection and divisions
  • Partners and owners – dissolution terms
  • Family business owners and inheritors
  • Senior management teams training, retraining
  • Transition planning
  • Outside directors
  • Partial or full business sale
  • Restructuring, reorganizing
  • Effects or influence of relatives family members

If you are involved in a family business and a difficult dispute has arisen, please consider our mediation services as the most cost-effective and comprehensive method to provide a complete and confidential resolution to all of your concerns. For more information, please simply fill out the form below or call 1.800.529.1516.