Marriage Mediation

Marriage Mediation

If life is a negotiation, then marriage is the most intensely personal negotiation of your life.

Marital mediation or marriage mediation allows parties to focus on what is best for each together, what is best for the family, and what is best for the marriage.

In America today, divorce is the first reaction of many people and one of the most common options. Although it is so common, it is not always the best option for families. It does not always have to be the first option either. Sometimes talking with a family member, therapy with a counselor or a religious person, or exploring marital mediation in a non-adversarial environment makes sense.

Marriage Mediation & Practical Solutions

Our marriage mediation program is about developing specific and practical solutions to the problems that you both face. We identify the surface issues, explore the realities underneath in private sessions, and help the parties to move on with their lives, either together or apart.

We have applied our problem solving skills and techniques from the Alternative Law family and divorce practices to help parties to decide what is best for their particular set of circumstances. To help everyone to understand clearly what needs to be done. Our marriage mediation program is segmented into three areas. First, we examine the history of the relationship. Second, we seek to understand the present circumstance from the perspective of each spouse. Third, we map out a realistic plan for the future. Our marital mediators will deal with all of the conflicts, whether it is based on loss, the sense of betrayal, the lack of understanding, or issues with listening and communication.

The real question is: “what do we do now?” Together, we develop a plan of action that will lead to a better understanding and communication, no matter what the ultimate outcome. Utilizing our “Best Ideas Win” marital mediation program, we will develop a detailed plan for you and your family. We want to make certain that we help both sides with one of the most important and private decisions in their lives. Our ideas are innovative and our solutions comprehensive. Contact us

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