Non-Profit Mediation

Non-Profit Mediation

Non-profit companies, foundations, NGO’s all play  critical roles in the success of our country.  Non profit mediation helps companies more effectively respond to the myriad  of the business, contract, relationship and employment  issues that arise in the normal course of business operations. Non profits and their boards have difficult roles as they help those less fortunate in our society. The stress of responding to the needs of others  can cause dysfunction, sometimes more than the standard  for profit business world.  While they are business that do not make a profit, they have their own unique set of challenges. While money is not their driving motive, clear direction and cooperation is often times harder to achieve. The playing field itself and the set of variables and factors are as a result  different than most businesses. Conflict emerges with many caring professionals who have the best intentions but have not collaborated on this level. That’s where non-profit mediation comes into play.

Sucesssful Non-Profit Mediation

Clear strategies, strong direction, goals, and communication are foundational elements of any non profit. On an ongoing basis ideas, relationships and ideals to be refined and developed as a critical aspect of most successful non profits. This process can be very difficult on the company and the individuals. Directors from different backgrounds have different perspectives,  goals, needs and levels of understanding.  Achieving fair treatment and perceptions of inequitable treatment may cause conflicts to fester and develop. If not addressed early, conflicts can emerge with the employees, vendors, board of directors, and donors. Alternative Law mediation resolve conflicts in the quickest and most cost effective manner.

There are real  for a check and balance systems for structure and supervision within charitable organizations. Our non-profit mediation solutions design pro-active conflict prevention plans and structure solution oriented, confidential settlements. We will provide general guidelines and specific action plans to improve  for both the boards  and its members. We also develop stronger relationships with the operational side of the business. We examine the historical perspective of the conflict to determine the real roots of the conflict. During the next phase we identify and evaluate all of the realistic options developed by all parties  to resolve the dispute. Lastly, we focus on determining the best ideas and make approaches to settlement. We identify a range of options to of the achieve tangible mediation results for you and your organization.

  • Strategic Resolution
  • Board Of Directors
  • Board Of Advisors
  • Operational Improvements
  • Resolve Employment Issues
  • Restore Collaborative Relationships
  • Educational Dispute Systems
  • Philanthropic Direction
  • Donor Gifting Programs
  • Donor Conflicts
  • Asset and  Wealth  Allocation

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