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Legal Malpractice Mediation

Whenever a lay person is involved in a dispute and it does not go successfully, no one is happy. In court, there is always a winner and a loser. That is the nature of the American adversarial legal system. More often than not, it is the litigation process that causes the poor outcome for one or both of the parties. However, sometimes mistakes are made by the professionals involved. No one wants to be sued and endure the litigation process all over again. Clients know this fact as active participants in the legal system and lawyers know this fact better than anyone. The more cases that you handle, the greater the chance of your being sued yourself. The legal business is becoming more taxing and difficult every day on everyone.

Legal Malpractice mediation services mandate a high level of understanding of the day-to-day realities of the court system and how it interacts with the public and the legal participants. Our legal malpractice mediators understand the complexity of the law, its theory, practice in day-to-day application with clients, other lawyers, the Bar Associations, and the court system. Within these real world facts, we balance best practices and due diligence utilizing fair and ethical analysis to navigate the grey area of this specialized process.

Apart from the professional impact, these types of disputes can also be very personal to the parties and the firms involved. No one on either side really desires to be a part of a malpractice case. The emotions and the sense of injustice from each perspective can be very elevated and sometimes extreme. Alternative Law malpractice mediators have the process skills along with substantive and statutory knowledge to focus on the real issues and determine efficiently the best resolution to address the underlying needs of the parties, thus providing closure.

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