Executive Coaching & Training Services

Executive Coaching Training Services

Our executive coaching and training programs are  designed to clearly identify areas for  personal and professional growth. Our processes educate and  directly explore  both simple and complex ideas and strategies  in  business and life settings to produce real results for your personal development and to enhance your organization.

“What you learn is what you do. The way you learned it, is the way you do it.” We can help improve what you know and how you practice and project yourself. These processes apply to high level executive functioning where leadership, experience, and knowledge must constantly evolve through  interactive education and communication.

Coaching and training are  critical components for the development every organization and every person. It is the part of our educational process that we value most highly. On one hand, effective training provides long lasting benefits and recognition of strengths and weakness in an  environment geared toward improvement and lifelong learning from diverse perspectives and forums. We provide both a safe space and  a challenging framework   to help develop greater leadership skills, enhanced self awareness, and improved listening skills. Our education programs can include seminars and guest speakers will lead to  more sound strategic plans, more productive interactions and a more fulfilled executive.

We will also help develop your communication skills which are a benefit in every profession. Being an effective communicator can improve your personal and work relationships and increase your resilience, creativity and  productivity. Being able to communicate efficiently in the workplace and at home ensures you understand your team, family members, and their goals. It also can allow you to express your professional and personal needs and  concerns and develop a program vision  to enhance your self knowledge.

We will help you develop your written, verbal and non verbal communication styles more effectively.  Excellent communication skills  not only help you in your career but also in your family and daily life. Improving your communication  will  lead to more meaningful relationships, a better understanding of yourself and others, leading to  more personal development, family satisfaction, and  career success.


Good Judgement 

Vision and Philosophy

Inquisitive Goal Setting Practices

Decision Making

Leadership and Team Building

Interpersonal Relationships

Concise Communication

Conflict Reduction and  Resolution

Self Awareness and Reflection

Organizational Diversity and Retention 

Consistency and Time Management 

ALTERNATIVE LAW executive coaching is a strategic asset that can unify your organization, department, and staff.

We provide also expert on-site management, staff personnel and diversity training, conflict systems design, negotiation and mediation trainings to enhance your organizational development, satisfaction, and retention.

ALTERNATIVE LAW’S executive coaching services can be included, as a workplace and cultural training tool, or as a stage in the the communication, planning or problem-solving identification process. It can also be used during educational sessions  as part of your resolution  or at any phase, helping you  making the best  decisions.

Processes such as executive coaching, mediation, and facilitation, and negotiation provide cost-effective alternatives to enhance your existing systems. They increase control over your own life, conflicts, self-determination, information-based decision making. Contact us

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