Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment Mediation & ADR

Here are our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Alternative Law and how does is differ from litigation?

Alternative Law is a ful service mediation practice that  achieves swift justice by promptly resolving conflicts, disputes and problems by means other than litigation. Read more about our Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternative Law Mediation Results focuses on tangible results and the  most practical business, legal, and personal strategies to achieve  cost effective, timely and just resolutions of your business or personal conflict.

  • Litigation takes years, Alternative Law processes can take as little as 1 day.
  • We have both certified mediators and lawyers to help you.
  • Our mediators have actual degrees in mediation, ask if your mediator does.
  • We are approved by the United States Government.
  • We offer a money back guarantee.
  • We settle over 90% of our cases.
  • Alternative Law is the quickest and cost effective way to settle your case now.

First, we  identify the real issues involved, both the ones that are on the surface and the real underlying concerns.  If you have lawyer we will work with them, if you do not, we will work without them. Next we proceed to develop and a detailed plan and specific  options to resolve your dispute. Lastly, using the “Best Ideas Win” mediation techniques, we will detail, analyze, and refine all of your alternatives to determine  the best one for your particular case. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services or your money back. We do not recommend litigation  or  do so only as the  very last resort.

As we all know by now, in litigation, you are before  a stranger or a group of strangers, who really do not have the time to listen, hear, or  more importantly to truly understand, all of the facts of you case. Those strangers, a  judge or jury, gets to control your fate. They get to  decide, or in reality “guess” if you are right or wrong, if they like you , if they believe you if that think that you are right. You put your case, your fate, totally the hands of strangers. No where else in life would you trust strangers to make such life affecting decisions for you and your family.

In mediation, you   decide. You make the decision and you are the one to help create and draft your outcome and with the help of an expert  mediator  If you like the plan that we develop together and if it is fair and just. Alternative Law works with both sides in a dispute to develop the most comprehensive ideas. and let  ” the Best Ideas Win.”

If you don’t like our outcome,  you can always go to court and have a second bite at the apple. However, if you choose the time and expense of litigation and your case has been decided in a court room by a judge or a jury, you can not change your mind and try mediation.

Alternative Law’s mediation programs  involves extensive analysis of the source of your conflict combined with detailed research of your strategic alternatives. Our mediation experts  are  subject matter experts and real resolution requires client participation in understanding and resolving the issues and the selection  of the final action plan. We do the research,  present you with our results and options you and  you decide. We also usually perform case specific analysis, outcome projections, risk analysis,  and comparison between current and historical data.

Broad Perspectives

Unlike some mediators, our mediators take a broad perspective.  We are not passive participants but actively engaged in the process of helping you determine what the best ideas are to resolve your conflicts now an prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If our processes do not work for your situation, you can always choose the litigation option. In all cases you have a specific plan of action that you can work either before, during, or after your litigation experience.  However we settle over 90% of our cases, so that happens very rarely.

Call for a free quote, 1.800.529.1516. Cost is a critical component in any professional service. People often chose mediation because they receive excellent service and only have to pay one mediator or one firm to settle their dispute, versus paying twice as much to other professionals. We also offer a sliding scale to non-profits, certain small businesses, veterans, and those of more limited means.

Our Services Cost Less

Ours services are estimated to cost 35% -65% less than traditional litigation processes. We offer the industry gold standard money back guarantee in the industry.

Each dispute and case is unique in its own ways,and requires different needs and resources, as a result no estimate of time can be precise. the majority of our cases are resolved in a day. However, we have a only range for divorce mediation cases which average 7-10 sessions and commercial mediation cases usually last at least one day and the exact times are case and complexity specific. If you are eligible, our complimentary introductory mediation sessions are scheduled for one half hour. The more difficult the problem, the more time it may take to determine the solution. It is case specific depending upon the nature of the dispute and the parties themselves.

We Are Flexible

Alternative Law is a very flexible and digital organization, with many centers locally owned and operated, for meeting clients across all 50 states. All scheduling correspondence is handled electronically. However at least one in-person meeting and telephone conversations are required to have a balance approach to resolution. If our offices are not suitable or convenient, we can will arrange for a convenient meeting place with one of strategic partners for all concerned.

Alternative Law Mediation Results guarantees that you will be satisfied with our services or your money back. We are the industry leader and the industry creator of this unique customer satisfaction policy. No one can guarantee that you will have a complete settlement in each and every case as that would be unethical and improper, however, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, whether or not you reach a settlement.

The resolution of conflicts through mediation, Alternative Law and other ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques is a very serious business. It requires a dedicated commitment of time and energy by all parties to make the process work and to produce effective results. As the problems are not easy to solve, the solutions are not simple. If we have not delivered the services that we have promised or you are not satisfied, after attending 3 sessions, you are entitled to receive your money back in full, we guarantee it. Please compare our service, no one else offers this guarantee.

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