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Alternative Law ADR Practice

The initials ADR stand for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative Law programs provide strategic alternatives to reduce or eliminate litigation and keep you out of court.

As one of the industry leaders in this field, we resolve disputes of a legal, personal, or professional nature with our group of trained mediators and other professionals, preferably outside of the litigation process.

If you have already retained legal counsel, as many clients have, we are able to work very effectively together with them to resolve the matter. If your case is ongoing, you are still able to settle your case at through this alternative legal system, effectively putting the litigation process on hold. We can work with your counsel, or if you do not have one, we can work directly with all of he parties directly, if you so choose. We have many locally owned and operated offices and strategic partners throughout the country.

Why Alternative Law

Alternative Law is the company that is a clear alternative to ligation. If your primary goal is to sue the other side or to engage in a court case, you do not want us. If litigation is retained as a strategic, legitimate and necessary option but main thrust of your actions is settlement,that is our job. Litigation is only utilized if you can not strike a fair settlement and only as a last resort. If you already in court, our job is to find a way to get closure to your case, but only in the fairest way possible.

Most importantly, we will do so without giving up any strategic advantages. Both sides have to have an interest to save money and settle in a matter of months versus years and we will show them how. Both sides
have to want to retain a mediator. The cost is normally split 50%-50% between the parties. Prices per hour range from $100-$245.00 per party. They are very cases specific with special exceptions to those of limited means directed from federal or state agencies. There is no initial obligation. We will help develop common strategic interests for mutual benefit. That is what we do.

For over 20 years our mediators have been practicing Alternative Law mediation and ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution services. Our
mediators have been trained by approved mediation institutions such as U.S. Government Agencies such as The Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission, Cornell University,Harvard Law School, University of Massachusetts, Dispute Resolution Masters Program, the ABA, the Council
of Family Mediators or other local and national approved entities for mediation and ADR training. We get results and your satisfaction is

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