Alternatives to Litigation

Alternatives to Litigation

Alternative Law’s Alternatives to Litigation services are designed to be the most convenient in the industry. We are able to mediate in our offices, in your office, in person, in your home, on the telephone, the internet, by email, on line chat, or videoconferencing.

There are other Alternatives to Litigation. You may choose facilitation which allows the parties to have a managed discussion about particular subjects with a trained man or woman leading the group conversation keeping them focused, directed and on point. One way that this process has been described is an intensive and directed focus group.

You may also consider arbitration as another Alternative to Litigation. This is like having your own private judge, hired by both sides, not by the government, making binding rulings on the case in a semi-formal trial format. This process is usually quicker than a trial. You can present evidence and witnesses before the arbitrator. The decision is ultimately made by the arbiter or judge. In this format at the end of the day,you have no control over the decision making process and you must accept whatever the judge or jury says without question.

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Or of course there is litigation which normally takes many years and costs thousands of dollars in fees. Again the judge or jury simply decides that they know what is best for you or the other side and make all the decisions for you. If the outcome is in your favor, then you may think that they judge or jury knew the all of the facts and made the right decision for you. If you lose, however you may think that the judge and juries are just human, they made a mistake in their decision making process and guessed wrong because they did not really understand all of the facts. Their error in judgment may cost you years of work,thousands of dollars, your relationships or your career. For some people this is just too much of a risk to place such important life issues just in someone else’s hands. This is often time very destructive for both sides.

Alternative Law focuses on primarily on mediation because it has the best settlement results and the highest rate of client satisfaction. Most importantly, you are are able to present your own settlement alternatives and have a voice at the table in the final decision. Alternative Law’s Alternatives to Litigation get quicker, more comprehensive, satisfying results, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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