Best Ideas Win

Best Ideas Win

The Best Ideas Win is a very practical approach to designing plans and resolving conflicts. Our business consulting and mediation processes involves a system of exploratory, interactive and targeted problem solving techniques.

This specialized structure is combined with a detailed analysis of all of the facts and legal issues surrounding the case at hand to determine a fair and just resolution of your issues.

In the first stage we explore in detail the fundamental reasons underlying the project or conflict. This aspect of our process is called clear issue identification. More often than not the problems or issues at hand are not always completely understood by either side. Moreover, there are usually many subsurface and unarticulated reasons for the conflict that need to be addressed in order to bring the matter to a successful settlement. The next aspect our Best Ideas mediation program specifically addresses and resolves the issues on a professional and interpersonal level with the parties. This is where the parties and their counsel, if they are represented, become committed to a resolution and not just arguing or posturing. The facts and substance of the matters are explored in detail, in open sessions and in confidential private sessions in order systematically craft a fair solution.

Many times even if it is a professional conflict, there are personal reasons that helped initiate it and that could undermine its resolution. Lastly we analyze and discuss all of the important legal issues that may affect the outcome if the matter goes to trial.

Proactively we are active/not passive actors in these processes. We actively develop the best ideas to help both sides pursue the goal of a fair and just resolution to their issues and concerns.


Best Ideas Win work

The foundation of the process is user defined. If you want to resolve the conflict on your own, you can. If you have professionals or counsel and want them to address the issues for you that is also acceptable.

Our mediators along with all of the participants at the table are all actively engaged in these discussion and outcomes.

If we reach an outcome and the contract is signed, which happens in almost 91% of the cases without going to court, the settlement is then binding upon all of the parties, as any other contract would be.

Our Best Ideas Win mediation processes are unique and structured conflict resolution process managed by expertly trained mediators that achieves the highest results. As a result we are one of the select mediation firms to have our dispute resolution systems approved by the federal government.


The mediator is not a passive participant. He or she has an active role as a neutral to help evaluate the case and work with the parties to achieve a comprehensive understanding and then a fair resolution.

There is a better way to achieve good plan or a legal and just resolution in even the most difficult conflicts, through the use of mediation and other ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services. While the American system of laws is one of the best in the world, the scales of the courtroom do not always work as advertised. There are different, economical, effective solutions to achieve settlement and closure in your case. The goals of Alternative Law’s mediation and consulting processes are to satisfy our clients who want real results which save time, money, aggravation and litigation for all parties.

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