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Alternative Law’s family business mediation services will provide you with a local, guaranteed, comprehensive strategic program to resolve business problems. For 30 years, we have mediated a wide range of personal and professional conflicts that arise in the course of running closely held family business enterprises.

Our strategic mediation plans will help you first clearly identify and define all of the real and underlying issues. Each family business has concerns that are not freely or openly discussed. Many serious subsurface issues are too difficult to talk about. They can be even more challenging to actually resolve. These human family issues are very often the real source of serious conflicts.

As part of our “Best Ideas Win’ improvement program, we will address and propose specific solutions to all of the difficult personal and professional problems that are present in your family business. That is our responsibility, role, and integral to the specific services that we provide.


Unlike most other companies we are a family business that has been practicing for over 30 years and we guarantee our work. No other firm in the country that we know of offers this guarantee.

As the industry leader in strategic family business systems, if we have not delivered the services that we have promised, or you are not satisfied after attending 1-3 sessions, up to 8 hours in total, either on the phone or in person, you are entitled to receive your money back in full.

Our plans will propose realistic business alternatives to address the specific needs of your business. We will meet directly with all of the key management and staff. We will intake and receive input from those who want positive change and understanding those who may interfere with constructive progress. We will analyze roles, job descriptions, succession plans, and family conflicts. We will evaluate and determine the most effective proposals and best ideas to be utilized and implemented. Together, we will discuss and decide how the family and business variables affect the operation and productivity of the family business management system.


After the best ideas have been thoroughly developed, discussed, and debated, we will make a specific set of vetted recommendations to be implemented either all at once or phased in stages. Together, we will set a reasonable timeline and implement solutions to resolve your family business conflicts and business issues. We will work to restore a clear vision and a plan to accomplish measured goals.

This plan will outline the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, thoroughly examining where the company actually is and how it actually got there. Implementing measured plans, with independent analysis will lead to a better future on multiple levels for the company and the family members.

Some family businesses are recent startups, but many have been functioning for years – often generations. Regardless, all require structured plans to reach effective solutions. Running a business with family provides some of the most fascinating, rewarding, yet difficult experiences of our lives. It requires idea integration, teamwork, and constant vigilance to produce real rewards and to maintain a successful profit making business.


We have been in business for over 30 years. We understand, first hand that the creation of a business, the establishment of the entrepreneurial vision, and all of the hard work and sacrifices require immense effort. The building and development, the management and the transferring of a business require different skill sets. In many family businesses, members have dedicated certain aspects of their entire life to this endeavor. This truth makes the resolution of conflicts more personal and complicated. Effective family business mediation strategies are critical for the long-term success of everyone.


In today’s challenging marketplace, businesses need to grow in order to survive. In order to thrive, companies must maintain stability and productivity. In family businesses, the close nature of your careers, the multiple responsibilities and personal relationships are so intertwined that it can be very difficult to find a balance. Perspectives among family members are affected by many more factors than a company comprised of non-related parties. Parent and sibling relationships, job responsibilities, the business environment, the presence of outside professionals working or running aspects of the business, and our own unique and shared experiences are particular and unique to family businesses. All issues need to be addressed in a transparent manner and resolved before they seriously undermine the ongoing enterprise.


Alternative Law’s business mediators must have owned a business, either as a start-up venture or an ongoing family business. We believe in order for the best ideas to win – the best ideas must work. Our solutions integrate your team’s ideas with our family mediators’ experiences. They are not just professional problem-solvers. They must have shared many of the same experiences of building and managing businesses, and resolving all of the personal and professional disputes that arise within a family business. Our strategies will advance a unified agenda and make adjustments to get the company back on track. We are able to provide specific detailed plans for the division of roles and departments, the creation of new business plans or entities, fair inheritance distribution and proper allocation of family business assets.


At Alternative Law, we plan and produce strategic mediation results. We recognize that family business mediation is one of the most complex relationship experiences that a family can encounter. We help families in business communicate together and resolve their issues in a systematic manner. We create a comprehensive long-term plan for issues such as: conflict resolution, succession planning, stock transference, and management transitions. The plan will also involve strategic planning, corporate controls, individual responsibility, and role definitions. We will address department clarity, internal competition, asset divisions, and compensation.


We utilize mediation and strategic planning to help family and related members actively decide and determine their professional and personal priorities. We help develop agreed short-term plans and specific timetables to produce results and effective resolutions. Even in the most difficult cases, where concerns, divisiveness, and problems have existed for many years, there are strategic solutions. We offer a complementary initial consult. We have 30+ years of experience and are the clear industry leader. As always, we provide a money back guarantee to assure client satisfaction and complete understanding of our processes.


  • Strategic Business Plans
  • Family Business Structures
  • Boards of Directors, Advisors Meetings
  • Conflict Resolution Systems
  • Succession and Transition Planning, Inheritors
  • Family Communication and Control Techniques
  • Company Development Program
  • Buyout Packages, Pension Plans
  • Stockholder Protection and Divisions
  • Senior Management Teams
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Asset Valuations
  • Business Sale in Full or in Part
  • Business Dissolution
  • Corporations, LLP’s, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships
  • Parents, Children, Relatives, Extended Family Allocations

If you are involved in a family business and difficult disputes have arisen, please consider our family business mediation services as the most cost-effective and comprehensive method to provide a complete strategic and confidential resolution to all of your concerns. For more information, please simply fill out the form below, email: – or call Toll Free: 1.800.529.1516


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