Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services

Families can represent a  great source of experience, history, heritage, and happiness. At the same time, sad but true, families can also be a very significant source of difficult conflict for many people. Family mediation can really  matter in these close relationship conflicts.

It is the story of many of our lives. Our families are inherently intertwined with our histories, our past relationships, our present circumstances and consciously or unconsciously, most importantly, our future lives. Whether these interactions involve our parents, siblings, spouse, partner or children, family mediation can be a powerful source of strength to restore  and allow  us  to grow together and flourish.

Family mediators  can also help  reduce a draining source of continued conflict which can cause us to constantly take sides, assess blame, and divide us. Either way we have to take great care to plan out our future, with, and sometimes without, our family’s cooperation, so that we can thrive and advance our lives.

Conflict resolution requires an historical understanding to serve as the foundation for step by step problem and issue identification. Our family mediators will help develop systematic and integrated solutions, and a strategic working long term family plan in order to successfully accomplish your goals in a fair manner.


  • Family Conflicts
  • Longstanding Grudges
  • Divorce Issues
  • Parent/Child
  • Custody Concerns and Visitation Plans
  • Elder Care Plans
  • Older Parents
  • Family Business
  • Sibling Rivalries- Youth
  • Sibling Rivalries- Adult
  • Inheritances and Wills
  • Asset Division and Allocation
  • Future Care
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Real Estate Sale or Rental
  • Vacation Properties
  • Power of Attorney/Executors
  • Premarital Agreements

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