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Sexual harassment mediation has been long regarded as one of the most effective and efficient methods of resolving the most serious conflicts of a personal and professional nature. Our mediation services are the only neutral, confidential, and guaranteed processes in the country.

Sexual harassment can cause serious consequences in the lives of all of these affected. While many cases garner publicity, you  do not have to be a TV or movie personality to be involved. While females are most often the victims, that is not always the case.

Everyone wants and needs a quick resolution and a fair and just outcome.


In the American workplace sexual harassment is against the law. If left unchecked and not investigated, it can do serious harm to the accuser. Before the issues are resolved the accused can be  left in employment or even legal limbo.

If harassment has occurred, it can result in a range of actions  from counseling, to  discipline,  to severe penalties and even legal or governmental action.

The employer must be notified,  or reasonably could known that it exists, and have an opportunity to take corrective action. It does not have to be a boxing match or a power struggle, between  an employee, coworker or supervisor, although it often feels like that to all of the parties involved. It can spark retaliation, retribution or worse.

Sexual harassment can occur at any time or at any place. Often times determining what is sexual harassment and what is not, can be very challenging. Sometimes it is very obvious, touching, groping, repeated requests for dates, promotions promised for sexual performance, lewd and very suggestive comments are obvious examples.

Other areas of sexual harassment are not so obvious, such as expressions, staring, or requests for favors of a too personal nature. There also may be inappropriate comments about other peoples sexuality, attire or story or jokes that may make a people feel uncomfortable and do not have a place in the workplace.

Sometimes sexual harassment can be subtle, nuanced and not clearly obvious. Yet, it also does not always exist when people think that it does. Sometimes it is in the eyes of the beholder and other times it is clearly not. It is often said that most people know it when they see it, or or worse when they experience it.

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  • Neutral  Interview Processes
  • Independent Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • Detailed Analyses and Reports
  • Neutral Evaluations
  • Private Witness interviews
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Prevent Retaliation and Retribution
  • Specific Detailed Resolution  Plans
  • Action/ No Action Reporting Structure
  • Individual and Company Wide Trainings
  • Process can be conducted with or without counsel
  • Independent Human Resource Integration
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Long Term Resolution Systems

Either way the concerns exist. They very may be real. They still need to be professional addressed and understood from both the employees’ and the employers’ point of view. It is in everyone’s interest to make the workplace a safe and healthy atmosphere. Obviously, not every look is a stare, not every comment a harassing remark, not every joke is harmless office banter, not every suggestion is a proposition.

In sexual harassment mediation each case will be examined individually in order to be most effectively understood, addressed and resolved. The issues need to be clearly identified to reduce confusion,  misunderstandings and promote justice. The company and the individuals must be able to freely and confidentially examine the past, the history of the relationship and type of interactions. The next step is to the assess present, what actions have occurred recently and what is occurring now. A neutral investigation  may be necessary.

And lastly as the issues can be complex the solutions have to be dynamic and multi faceted. Together our sexual harassment mediation processes must focus on what do we do now to clearly identify the problems and allegations if they exist, to counsel and support the individuals involved, to train, discipline or terminate wrong doers.

For the employees they must a path forward that does not involve anger, retaliation or retribution. The company may need to understand the depth and reality of the issues. They may need to have a sexual harassment plan to respond to those concerns to protect other workers and the business as a whole.

If you have any of these questions or concerns about sexual harassment mediation please let us know. It is always better for everyone involved: the employees and the company, boss or coworker, or the accuser, the accused. If you think that sexual harassment has happened, please try to address and resolve these situations immediately.

We are the only national mediation firm that guarantees our services. We have been in business for over 30 years. We have worked with large companies, small companies, legal firms, the US Government Department Of Justice, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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