Legal Dispute & Legal Malpractice Mediation

Legal Dispute & Legal Malpractice Mediation

No one wants to be sued. As active participants in the legal system, lawyers know this fact better than anyone. The larger the volume of cases, the greater your chance of being sued. Every day, the legal business is getting more taxing and difficult on both the litigants and the lawyers. We have Legal Dispute & Legal Malpractice Mediation Services.

Legal Malpractice mediation services mandate a high level of understanding of the complexity of the law, its theory, its practice in day to day application with clients, other lawyers, the Bar Associations, and the courts system. We balance best practices and due diligence within the real world scope and the lines of fair and ethical analysis to identify the underlying issues and determine the actual settlement ranges and gray areas of this specialized process.

Apart from the professional impact, these disputes also can be very personal to the parties and to the firms involved. Alternative Law mediators have the mediation process skills along with substantive and statutory knowledge to focus on the real issues and to determine quickly the best resolution for both parties.

Resolution must be quick, meaningful and address the interested concerns of both sides to be effective. For a free private initial consolation please call 1.800.529.1516 or email [email protected].

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