Mediation Firm Differences

Mediation Firm Differences

Mediation must mean satisfaction, results, and resolution for you, your company and your family.

We are a group of highly trained, diverse mediation professionals with over 25 years experience.

All of our mediators have been trained by Bar Association approved mediation institutions such as United States Government Agencies, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, University Of Massachusetts, Dispute Resolution Masters Program, Harvard Law School, Community Mediation Associations across America, The Council of Family Mediators, and other approved entities.

Mediation Firm Differences

Many of our professional mediators have been mediating, training, giving seminars, and negotiating for decades. In addition, our mediators are required to attend training courses and continuing legal, mediation educational programs each year. They also are actively consulting in the field that they are providing mediation services  to stay on the cutting edge of developments, technology, and organizations.

We outline a specific plan for resolution in each case up front with each client during our initial free consult. We have specialists who work in each area of mediation, corporate, individual, family, non profits, human rights, human resources, ombuds and government agencies.

We work with businesses, family businesses, individuals, consultants, plaintiffs and defense council all across the country and many are locally owned and operated.

In order to maintain integrity of the processes, as an industry leader in providing client satisfaction, we also provide a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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