Mediation Results Strategy

Mediation Results Strategy

Mediation means Results. Changing the legal system with each just resolution.

Alternative Law Mediation Results requires its mediators to  be specialists, to have educational degrees, in the specific field mediation, or ADR fields and not  just law which are combined with annual trainings  and years of experience in order to be successful at our firm.

Like any  profession it is important for our mediators to have a degree in their field of expertise. Doctors have  medical degrees, lawyers have law degrees, business people have business degrees, and mediators need degrees in mediation.

Surprisingly many mediation firms do not have mediators with mediation degrees. Others have part-time mediators, who work  full time in other professions. In addition, our mediators must be committed to the field, have extensive subject matter knowledge, excellent communication and resolution skills in order to resolve the most difficult conflicts and work in the most contested environments. If your case is not that serious  and does not require a serious drain of resources  or relationships, it can be handled by a person with less training and expertise.

Alternative Law Mediation Results

Alternative Law’s practice of mediation focuses on problem solving approach to  your conflicts. Serious conflicts are usually exist on multiple levels, internal, external surface and subsurface. They are  serious  business problems that need to be clearly identified, systematically addressed and structurally  resolved by expert neutrals.We focus our attention on three priorities. The first state of the art area is lawsuit prevention, through early intervention when possible.

Using  Alternative Law’s early mediation processes, the vast majority of cases will settle and not proceed to litigation. This is our proactive approach to stem the tide of litigation. As a conflict begins to escalate, we encourage both sides to engage in early mediation so that unnecessary fees do not become another element to the conflict. If the case is already going to mediation, then we offer  intensive mediation  preparation and negotiation for your counsel or your party. This is another  practical constructive area that most other mediation firms don’t even offer. Lastly is  lawsuit intervention,where  we mediate  when some degree of the litigation processes are already underway. At this stage  lawyers have been engaged, discovery underway, or settlement talks initiated.  We are able to settle most of our cases and prevent the unnecessary waste of time, money and resources.

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