Ombuds Men and Women

Ombuds Men and Women

If you do not need a fulltime ombudsman or woman, you can resolve your company issues just as effectively with our contract and part time ombuds services.

Alternative Law ombuds services fill a critical role in organizations that do not need a full time ombudsman or woman. Every organization at certain times has to reach out for help when their own process or perspectives are  called into question. There is not always a need for a full time ombuds person but there is a need for neutrality, an outside neutral to resolve difficult conflicts in the most successful companies. Alternative Law’s ombuds people must pass rigorous training program and have educational degrees and years of experience and advanced  conflict resolution skills. Their skill  sets will be specifically matched to your organization.

Sometimes the conflicts are employee or management driven, departmental based, and others are policy related. Alternative Law has  confidential neutrals who provide  structured solutions on a case by case basis. We are also available on  consulting basis can  a very cost effective option and solution for your needs.

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