Family Business Mediation Resolves Conflicts

Family Business Mediation Resolves  Conflicts

In the family business mediation world , there are  great challenges and a diversity of opinions. We  are able to resolve complex family business disputes and provide family members parties with a clear path forward. This direction is especially true in ongoing  serious family business conflicts. Using  our family business mediation conflict services to help a family business grow  and  the family members  clear the hurdles for better personal and professional relationships in the future is very challenging for our family business mediators, yet very exhilarating and rewarding fro everyone involved. Family business mediation resolves conflicts

It is sometimes said that “everything can be resolved with negotiation”. In the case of family business conflict areas  such as management, control, shares, inheritances, our experience suggests that the saying is almost true, but often it takes a professional  neutral mediator. Family business mediation has a very high success rate in resolving planing succession, inheritance battles – over 90%. In the hands of a trained professional mediator, family business disputes most  often  settle. This begs the question – why is mediation is so well-suited to  disputes? A few reasons come to mind.

Family Business Mediation Strategies 

  1. The business emotional aspect is personal, professional, and emotional: There is always an emotion involved in conflicts and disputes. But this is magnified and  in the case of family business disputes.  Each party has a both personal and working history and business relationship, often times for years if not decades, the emotional nature of the dispute can make it challenging for parties to discuss the matter with each other.
    However, when you involve an experienced mediator, the dynamics of the situation changes dramatically. Mediators understand how to systematically proceed. They listen to details, grasp the stories and the redirect the hurt feelings. Feelings have an interesting way of increasing in clarity and aligning more with logic as one talks about it with a neutral  As parties talk about their feelings, they often become more willing to let go.
    Mediators use empathy and imagination to try and resolve the negative feelings that can make these negotiations difficult. Mediators bring all parties at ease with their emotions and feelings towards to the other party. The family business mediators’ ability to apply their experience and imagination  to the issue ensures that the emotional issues are first understood and animosity set aside before the negotiation proceeds to the next phase of the Best Ideas Win.
  2. Getting Rid of Assumptions: Often, parties have discussed some of their feelings with each other, perhaps not in the best settings, or not  in the most productive  manner. There are often deep misunderstandings based on unconfirmed assumptions. For example, a sibling may nurture this feeling that they  were not treated fairly   because one person has more decision making control to even one parent may favored  another  sibling more. Each party reads into the motivations behind decisions  and often makes their own distorted conclusions which over time they then take for  facts. Restarting the conversation a safe space ensures that such assumptions are set aside and the conversation is around facts and allows the focus to be on the future .
  3. The Family Business Mediation Management Plan: Finally, family business conflicts  are often rooted in control, management and money. Someone may want to have different management, or an actual succession plan. Frustration often results in  of the family wants the business to run one way or another and it  is not clearly defined. For example there might be not a clear  business direction, combined with diverse skill sets, inter-personal issues or other families; all of which  that may have an outsized impacts. 
    Understanding  that there often is more than one right answer and discussing all of the facts from different perspectives  can be the starting points of resolution.Developing a realistic family business plan  allows families to create a mutually agreed plan even in the most difficult circumstances.  These pieces can fall together more easily in front of a mediator because families tend to be a lot more reasonable in a professional third-party’s presence.

Family business mediation means that the family  is at least willing to try to set a new path. They want to explore resolution options and  are willing to discuss real changes. With the assistance of an expert  mediator and Alternative Law’s guarantee, we  can all work together towards a best ideas win resolution.  

The process can be tricky and requires the mediator to carefully address business, family and emotional issues from different perspectives. Family business mediation resolves conflicts. But it’s far better than ongoing destructive conflicts where emotions preconceived notions, or  past actions  can overwhelm the best  plans or intentions. This can  lead to more  win/loss situations. With the assistance of  our mediators, most families  effectively resolve  serious family business conflicts and a better future becomes a reality.