Property & Casualty Insurance Mediation

The property and casualty business is an industry that touches almost every American. Whether it is automobiles, housing, personal, or professional liability, every family, small and large business is affected on some level. Coverage for such events as fire, theft, collision, storm or weather damage, there are changes and risks that are always happening throughout out our country.

One only has to look at the floods in the Mississippi, twisters in the Midwest, or the disasters of Katrina in New Orleans. These are some of the many instances when quick, effective action through mediation and ADR is both a sound business practice and makes financial sense from both company and individual perspectives. The time and expense of traditional litigation makes no sense when you are trying to move on.

In Alternative Law’s mediation ‘best ideas win’ process together we develop the most comprehensive program to resolve your issues the same way, using similar techniques and strategies that we do for the United States government and for business across the country. Everyone gets a seat and a voice at the table and when an agreement is reached, as it is in almost 90% of our cases, the claimant and the company receive both a fair deal, a legal and binding contract and closure to their case in the most efficient manner. Contact Us with any questions.

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