Malpractice Mediation

Malpractice mediation

Malpractice mediation is an wide area of professional dispute resolution that requires proactive solutions in our litigious society. If an issue of professional competence, negligence or malpractice is alleged, it is usually most effective and helpful to both sides of a dispute to address this situation as quickly as possible so that the conflict does not become a lingering, destructive force to their family or company.

Malpractice Mediation is for the People.

This is the real world.  Malpractice mediation is solution oriented, evaluative and merit based. Professionals are people. People in business in every field and every endeavor make mistakes.Whether these mistakes are truly malpractice is a subject of  perspective, interpretation and results. You will get to explain what happened, what were the actual consequences, and help specifically plan out what do we do now. You will also participate in the actual process of how  we fairly address the issues and solve the problems in a timely cost effective fashion. That is the malpractice mediators’ primary sole and function is to help you settle your case. That is all we do. Contact Us

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