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environmental mediatorsEnvironmental mediation presents a hot and diverse range of topics for discussion and conflict. Each side in the process will often have their own clear understandings and perspectives on the world and nature.The practical questions for mediators could be where to situate a new plant, building or manufacturing facility the could provide jobs and positively affect the community. It could involve a sound well planned progressive development or in some cases the exploitation of a community of natural resources on a local or national scale.

Their must be a strategic balance between business and environmental needs in order for both to develop and peacefully coexist. Without proper planning and environmental mediation, the results may be pollution, climate change, global warming, flood control, water contamination, man made disasters, and even corruption. These factors if left unchecked or not priorly negotiated will contribute to environmental conflicts in our world today.

Alternative Law’s environmental mediation programs help to identify and resolve the foundational issues involved in the environmental disputes with cities and towns, corporations, communities, neighbors, agriculture and real estate. We deal with the difficult issues, the politics, and the diversity of perspectives in order to effect change and results on a small or large scale.

Our mediators will manage and facilitate focus groups, community organizations, business leaders, and the people to bring the best ideas to fruition in order to resolve the myriad of issues that will certain arise during complex negotiations.

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