I would  recommend Alternative Law Mediation Consulting  in any business matter involving two or more parties that need help solving problems. They provided  a prompt and fair  plan with reasonable rates for resolution. Together, we worked hard  for results. They offered a money back guarantee which I did not need. I was very satisfied.
Steven Bean
Alternative Law was one of only 2 mediation firms in the entire country selected to plan and mediate with the original historic  EEOC’s RESOLVE Program. Mr. Fallon was selected to serve as the mediator consultant. Since then, he is  the only professional  in the program to resolve all  cases in one year. This is  a very challenging,first in the nation program. He works very well  with all types of clients, families, plaintiffs, defendants,  and attorneys.
United States EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

As a lawyer for over 25 years, I have numerous opportunities to be involved in mediations. Of all the mediators I have worked with, I can unequivocally state that Alternative Law Mediation are the most effective mediators at settling difficult cases. They have an innate ability to glean the information from the parties which helps him creatively determine how to solve difficult settlements. I would be pleased to personally discuss this reference and their results further.

Attorney Stephen Langsdorf [email protected]
When we hired Alternative Law Consulting, we needed  succession planning, executive coaching, and conflict resolution. With their guidance our  succession plans were successful, our profits increased, and our conflicts reduced. We are very satisfied with the improvements to our team. While there is still more to do, thank you Alternative Law for a job very well done.
George Miller, RMP Family Business
I wholeheartedly recommend Alternative Law Mediation as the best providers of mediation and alternative dispute resolutions services. Using their services for almost ten years, we have been extremely impressed with the level of expertise and commitment they have always demonstrated over in reaching win/win resolutions of difficult disputes.
Attorney David Webbert [email protected]

 I own a family business. We needed to grow my firm. We hired Alternative Law and the Fallons as consultants and coaches and they took us to another level of professionalism. They implemented an advanced organizational system. They developed a solid plan and used weekly meetings, monthly board meetings, research, common sense and helpful conflict resolution to improve our communication and decision making. I thank  them for holding us all accountable.It  made us a stronger and better family business and team.

[email protected]
I have mediated many cases in recent years, working dozens of times with Alternative Law Mediation Consutling .They are among the most effective mediators. They are fair, fact driven in their assessment of cases and dogged pursuit of resolution. They understand all the material legal issues, while also appreciating  the importance of planning, the psychology of mediation and the dynamics between the parties. It should be well recognized that I have reached a settlement in every single case that Alternative Law has mediated. That is not the case with other mediators.
Jim Erwin, Attorney Pierce Atwood