Entrepreneur Mediation

Entrepreneur Mediation

Entrepreneur Mediation plays a veryimportant role in business development. Entrepreneurs have the vision to create new products, new ideas, and new services. They develop their ideas and then begin to build their company around that set of creative thoughts, plans, and goals – which are in a constant state of evolution. Rarely is the pace is slow and methodical. The ideas, people, and organizations seem to explode on the business marketplace.

One person does not have the skill set to manage every aspect properly. People are hired, trained, retained, and fired. Clients are nutured and developed, services are structured and provided, products are manufactured and sold, and the business changes literally every day.

Alternative Law entrepreneur mediators are specialized business mediators who have degrees in mediation and must have owned or developed business themselves. They must understand how business works from the top down and the bottom up. Conflict resolution must be interwoven within the marketplace of ideas and how people, owners and partners and employees relate to each other and to the public.

We used our own best ideas win program to foster resolution and results. We are the type of mediators that are active participants in the process of resolution. We do not simply sit back or practice shuttle diplomacy, where ideas are repeatedly passed back and forth. Our mediatiors will move at your pace, meet your needs, address your conflicts, and develop systematic plans for resolution of issues going forward – or your money back.

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